The power of a cleverly placed mirror goes far beyond their practicality. Yes, a mirror is, in many cases, an integral element in creating a cohesive and well designed room. Their potential lies in their ability to bridge different styles throughout the room, tying together items from different periods or in different patterns. Perhaps the […]

Mixing woods is often a hot topic at our workshops as people are so unsure about the do’s and the don’t’s and are looking for some guidance on how to do it right. The likelihood is that most people collect furniture over a period of time and therefore have an eclectic array of pieces in […]

If you’re looking for a succinct list of my ultimate must haves for your home, you’ve come to the right place!! Honestly when styling your home I know how overwhelming and time consuming it can be trying to find all the right pieces, so that’s why I’ve created this go-to list to give you some […]

Seemingly overnight teenagers tastes can change and suddenly the days of wanting pink walls, carpet and bedding are gone. Whilst you might have a clear idea of the way you think the room should look, chances are they won’t necessarily share these ideas. So that’s where I think I can help. Over the years i’ve […]

10 design tips for creating your ultimate bathroom sanctuary We all deserve our own spa-like space to relax, revive and refresh ourselves in. However despite the fact bathrooms are in daily use, they are often be overlooked when it comes to well-considered design. Next time you’re considering a bathroom redesign these 10 tips will help […]