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I've never wanted to do anything else. Interior design has been on my mind since the age of 5 or 6 when I would love to re-arrange furniture with my Mum and watch how she would paint the walls a different colour every six months. 

Hello! I'm Lauren Gilberthorpe (yes, my surname is a mouthful!). I'm a designer by training, a teacher by accident, and a lifelong fan of a colour. In addition to the LGI Design School, I also own and operate my own design studio, where I specialise in residential interior design, creating beautiful homes, mostly around the Cotswolds but also as far afield as Texas!

My style? Think Living Etc meets Homes and Gardens. I’ll do just about anything to get my clients to add a little bit of colour into their homes and I promise, I'm not going to suggest you have a 'Changing Rooms' style feature wall. I make it simple for my clients, and support them as we go through the step-by-step design process, to tell their story in their home. I absolutely LOVE walking my clients around their newly installed home. It is without doubt, the best part of the job.

I live with my amazing partner Sam in a cottage on top of a hill in the Cotswolds where the sheep outnumber us 200/1. Also with us is Darcie, our crazily cute two year old spaniel, you'll see a lot of photos of her (I'm obsessed). I often start to make a cup of tea and realise its cold and I forgot to take the bag out. I hate wires and usb cables, birds that have no sense of personal space (thats you, pigeons), and I'd love to know where the partners of all my odd socks are. I love exploring new places in our campervan and my favourite time to go the beach is in the winter with a hot chocolate. Nice to meet you! 

"My style? Think Living etc meets Homes and Gardens'

fun facts


My second favourite job of all time was driving an ice cream van around Devon for the summer. 

fun facts


I have a huge fear of heights but I loved paragliding off the side of a mountain in Switzerland.

fun facts


My second favourite job of all time was driving an ice cream van around Devon for the summer. 

fun facts


If you can make me a decent cup of tea I will love you forever (milk, no sugar, thank you)

fun facts


My first taste of interior design was fuchsia pink and turquoise handprints over my bedroom wall and a blow up armchair.