Dust away the January blues with a house refresh

Jan 12, 2018

It’s right about now when the Christmas decorations come down and reveal that your house is in a rather desperate need of a house refresh. I’m not sure exactly what it is about the need for a complete sort out, maybe the start of a new year and a fresh start or the stark shock of a not so magical house once the decs have come down. Either way make the most of this new found motivation, it’s time to banish the blues and sort out your space.

Where to start?

It can be tempting to jump in head first and start re-arranging your rooms. I’m pretty sure many of you have been in that situation where you feel excited to change your space and then half an hour later you’re stood in the middle of the room with several pieces of furniture stuck and you are wondering why this seemed like such a good idea. So my first tip is to be patient and plan. I think quite often people think floor plans are a bit of a faff and when I bring out the scale ruler at my workshop people shy away assuming that it is complicated and overwhelming. However I promise you now this will help you enormously in creating a space that works.

I really can’t stress enough how invaluable floor plans are. The best part? You can avoid the heavy lifting and decide on the best layout for your room considering all options.

House fresh LGI interior design workshop how to draw floor plans

Time to embrace simplicity

January is synonymous with starting a fresh, re-assessing things and making a change. So what better time to have a house re-fresh, sorting out the necessary from the unnecessary. We often have the tendency to hold on to things (I had a realisation of this when sorting out our new studio space and realising I perhaps don’t need to keep all 10 notepads from the past few years). Don’t get me wrong there is something beautifully eclectic about a home that tells a story through a mismatch of furniture and decorative pieces collected over the years. However sometimes we misinterpret being sentimental from hoarding things that no longer serve a purpose.

Take the time to really consider what works and what doesn’t. Don’t be afraid to move things on to a better home and make some space. It can be tempting to feel the need to fill every gap but actually a space can feel much more curated if objects are contrasted with some emptiness. A good example of this is bookshelves – don’t fill the shelves but instead place items purposefully. The space will feel much cleaner and will emphasise the items you really love. I must mention Marie Kondo here who is the queen of de-cluttering and a recent obsession of mine (who knew folded socks could bring happiness!). This article from The Guardian is a really interesting one for some tips on clearing out the sentimental things.

Tidy space tidy mind

This phrase is old enough now that I think we can all appreciate its truthfulness. As I mentioned we have been moving our studio space and it feels so exciting to have a proper sort out and organise our space making it somewhere that inspires creativity and allows us to tackle 2018. I actually have a blog post coming soon about why it’s so important to get your work space right. But I think this also applies to all rooms of the house.

House refresh Studio McGee interior design studio

Plan for 2018

January is the perfect time to plan for the future and consider the changes you might want to make in your house. Are you planning on decorating or perhaps an extension or renovation? Use this month to think about the decisions you’ll have to make, enjoy researching ideas and create an inspiration board. Pinterest is my favourite place to plan spaces so head over to our page there for some inspiration. It’s also a good time to start to plan your outdoor space. Summer often comes round before you know it so wouldn’t it be lovely to spend the first warm days relaxing in your garden rather than scrambling round de-weeding and tidying.

House refresh home interior planning inspiration

Change or re-arrange

Changing or adding decorative accessories is a really affordable yet effective way to re-fresh your home. Simple additions like a colourful cushion, scented candle or wall art can make all the difference. If you’re looking to add prints to your home then Desenio are a great company with loads to choose from – we used them in a recent project and they are so eye catching. If however your bank is still recovering from the Christmas period then it’s time to get inventive with what you already have. If could be as simple as moving pieces around or styling them in a different way. For some styling inspiration have a look at our Cotswolds project where we styled a large media unit for the client.

House refresh bookshelf styling Cotswold home

I hope this has helped to inspire you to tackle your house, with a bit of TLC and some tidying and it will feel new and refreshed in no time. If you’re looking for a little more design advice and help with your home then we have a very limited number of places on our April workshop¬†and more spaces for July so book yourself place to join us for a really exciting and¬†interactive day of all things interiors.

Finally, we have lots of content that I’m so excited to share with you this year so to make sure you’re kept up to date and follow us on Instagram and Facebook as we always post our new content there first!

Sources: Studio McGee Office

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