Top Highstreet Homeware Picks

Aug 15, 2017

When people think of interior design they often assume that doing up and styling a room comes with a hefty price tag. Don’t get me wrong, it can be expensive and sometimes there is a need to spend a little extra on special pieces. However I am a serious advocate of finding and using high street items, you’d be silly not to! I feel like high street brands have seriously upped their game and there are soooo many homeware options out there now…which, if you’re anything like me, can result in losing hours online window shopping! So I thought I’d share with you some of my recent favourite finds. I’d also love love to have any of your recommendations so please do comment below! 

So first up let’s just take a moment to appreciate Zara Home. Okay so we have all succumbed to their beautiful clothing but did you realise how amazing their homeware is? I tend to head on over to their website when looking for decorative pieces as they have a ton of colourful options. We have recently styled some bookshelves for a client (pictures to come) and a large majority of the pieces came from Zara. My current faves include this wooden tray and this glass hourglass. The thing I love about Zara is that their homeware is different and a bit unusual, perfect for livening up a shelving unit.

Zara homeware interiors soft furnishings styling

Next up is Urban Outfitters. As with Zara, they are known for their clothing and in the past I wouldn’t of thought to turn to them for interior bits. But they are seriously making their mark in the homeware department with all sorts of goodies from cushions to planters and crockery. I actually used this cushion and this one in a teenager’s room recently (here’s the link to the blogpost that features it if you haven’t seen in). This little planter also caught my eye the other day, it would be perfect for adding a metallic finish to a shelf or to pop on a kitchen windowsill.

Also Home is a new find that I recently came across. This is one of those shops where you end up wanting pretty much everything! But if I had to choose only a few things then their velvet cushions are a definite must have. Velvet at the moment seems really popular and it is a good way of adding texture, plus these come in so many colours. These little coffee cups are also definitely making my list, I love the design and they’re the perfect espresso size.

Homeware interiors shop soft furnishings cushions

Mon Pote are another quite recent find, they have a shop in Bristol but you can also order pretty much everything online. Their homeware range is very Instagram-able and I should probably warn you that you will end up wanting to add everything to your basket! They are great for slightly more unusual planters and vases and are great for gifts (you can never have too many plants)! I’m also obsessed with this pom pom cushion and again with the velvet theme I love this one too.

Home interiors shop accessories styling

I think H&M are now becoming a bit renowned for their super affordable homeware. If you don’t want to spend loads of decorative pieces they are a great option! I love using them again when styling bookshelves. There are so many little gems on their website so I would definitely recommend heading on over there to take a look but some of my current favourites include this vase and also their candles (which look more expensive than they are).

Homeware shop interiors styling

I couldn’t possibly write a highstreet homeware post without mentioning the mothership…West Elm! I am absolutely obsessed with their homeware at the moment. They have pretty much everything covered from mid-century furniture to decorative accessories. My current favourite is their rugs, no specifics here I love all of them! They are beautiful!

Homeware shop interiors styling

Neptune are another firm favourite and a brand that I always turn to when designing. If you haven’t heard of them before then you definitely have to check our their online shop but also if you’re in the area their store in Cheltenham is worth a visit! I love using their furniture but also decorative pieces, we’ve recently styling a bookcase and a few Neptune pieces made an appearance.

Homeware interiors styling shop

My final high street homeware brand is Marks and Spencer. Not only are they good for accessories but they also are worth considering for furniture and lighting. My top picks include this throw (there’s a bit of a theme here with pom poms) which I love and have used in a design. Also their artificial flowers and vases are actually really good and a great way to inject some colour into your home and you don’t even have to worry about accidentally killing them! 

So that’s my round-up of my current high street homeware picks, thank you for reading and don’t forget to comment below any of your favourite brands if you have any secret places that you’d recommend…?

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