How To Make Your Guest Bedroom Guest Ready

Jul 14, 2017

Sometimes a guest room can feel like a bit of a dumping ground, being a room with less frequent use it can often become neglected due to lack of budget or inspiration. Hopefully once you’ve read this blogpost you will be able to quickly and easily make your guest bedroom ready, enabling you to not even have to think twice if any friends or family need a place to stay. The aim is essentially to create a luxurious retreat for guests, plus it can also act as a place for you to sneak off to for some undisturbed relaxation with a glass of wine and a good book!

I think a common problem is a lack of budget as the spare room can quite often be left till last or simply not considered as a priority when designing your home, which is completely understandable. A solution for this is to keep things simple. Keeping it clean, crisp and uncluttered will actually be favoured by your guests and prevent them from feeling like they’re bunking in your storage cupboard, so opt for white bed linen and light, softly coloured textiles. Unlike other rooms in the home, the guest bedroom needs to be suitable for a range of tastes so try to steer away from anything too bold or personal.

Bedroom interior white linen textiles soft furnishings

Providing extra bedding options is a must. Include cosy blankets and throws at the end of the bed giving your guest the option to snuggle up if the room is on the cooler side. A few extra cushions is also worth adding to suit different people’s preferences. As you probably haven’t slept in this room you might not of noticed the temperature of the room so it’s key to make sure that warmth/coldness is adjustable. There is nothing worse than being a guest and enduring a boiling hot or freezing cold sleep! So is there an accessible window or radiator? Or do you need to add more soft furnishings or a fan. These small but considered touches are a staple and will ensure your guest has a comfortable nights sleep. 

Bedroom interior colour yellow throws

Make sure there is ample lighting, like every other room in the house there should be enough light sources to create different moods. For guests a bedside lamp is essential to avoid any cases of having to stumble into bed in the dark, also this is a must for bedtime reading. On that note, for a luxury touch provide some magazine options or a few good books for your guests to choose from. As well as being practical you can also use the books as a styling accessory to add height and colour to the bedside table. See below how effective it is to stack the books on top of each other with a simply vase or plant pot on top. This being said be careful not to clutter the surface, keep it minimal and sleek to refrain from it feeling messy. 

Guest bedroom interior lighting styling

Don’t forget mirrors. Quite often if it’s a room you won’t be using yourself it can be easy to forget something like a mirror. But this is definitely a necessity to make guest feel comfortable especially if their room isn’t close the bathroom. I always include a full length mirror for guests if I’m designing a guest room for a client. If you’ve already seen my blogpost all about styling with mirrors you’ll know they are a great tool for brightening a room and making it appear bigger. This can be particularly useful in a spare room that might be slightly smaller and in need of more natural light. 

Bedroom interior ideas mirror styling

Candles are another nice touch, keeping the room simple but also adding a nice scent and relaxing glow. And as you’re being extra prepared pop some fresh flowers in a vase to make you look like the most organised and thoughtful hostess ever! For something with a little less hassle, house plants are also a great option. They featured on our list of the top ten things to have in your home, simply because they are unrivalled in their ability to add vitality and freshness to a space. If you struggle to commit to the task of keeping plants alive then there are actually so many pretend flowers and plants out there that look really impressive! I know Abigail Ahern often has a great variety.

I think it’s fair to say that these few simple additions will make your spare room tranquil, relaxing and somewhere that guests can’t wait to visit. I should include a disclaimer here that if your guest room becomes too gorgeous you may struggle to get them to leave!! If you have any other things you like to add to your guest bedroom I’d love to hear them so please do leave me a comment below.

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