How to style with mirrors

Jun 23, 2017

The power of a cleverly placed mirror goes far beyond their practicality. Yes, a mirror is, in many cases, an integral element in creating a cohesive and well designed room. Their potential lies in their ability to bridge different styles throughout the room, tying together items from different periods or in different patterns. Perhaps the mirror needs to be textured to add depth and provide a focal feature for a dingy corner, or instead a simple shaped mirror may be required to supply simplicity and elegance to a design.

Mirrors styling round texture

Aside from this, mirrors are also a great way to amplify light and brighten a room. They create reflections and allude to more space, this is a big benefit for smaller rooms lacking in natural light and a trick I use all the time! When placed in the right way a mirror can also frame views of different angles of the room, again creating the illusion of more space as well as interesting reflections.

Mirror circle fireplace styling

Opting for a circular mirror is a great option, the curves soften the space and create contrast with other more square items. For example this would be a perfect choice to place above a rectangular sideboard. Circular mirrors also create great visual tricks and leading your eye around them seamlessly, rather than creating harsh lines causing the walls to look a lot shorter.

Mirror styling round lines balance

Mirrors can also be integrated into the home in ways that you may not have considered previously. Rather than hanging a mirror, or artwork either side of this fireplace, we used antique mirror from Rough Old Glass  that fit perfectly into the alcoves.

Alcove units cotswolds

Here, the fabulous Humphrey Munson have used antique mirror as a spashback. As its antiqued, it is much easier to keep looking clean (I think a plain mirror behind a hob would drive most people crazy) and its a subtle way to add interest, light and the feeling of space.

kitchen interior design cotswolds

Ultimately mirrors are often used for practical purposes, for example a mirror is always a must in a bathroom. But don’t feel you have to opt for a boring shape, why not be bold and look for a quirky design making it an interesting feature against what can sometimes be quite a plain room.

Mirrors bathroom design round

Mirrors really are a designers best friend, and I used them so often to create visual tricks, so I hope this has shed some light (pun intended) on the different ways you can use mirrors in the future. If you have any photos of how you use mirrors then take a picture and tag me in it on Instagram or why not come and join the conversation over at our private Facebook group?



Sources: Photos 1-4 from Lauren Gilberthorpe Interiors | Photo 6: Bathroom

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